Festival Schedule & Ticket Purchase

2011 Slow Motion Food Film Festival Schedule & Ticket Purchase Info

Tickets for all screenings and special events are NOW AVAILABLE for purchase through TICKETPRO Online at ticketpro.ca or any Ticketpro location. Box of Delights is an authorized Ticketpro location in Wolfville. Visit Ticketpro’s website for locations near you. www.ticketpro.ca

Thursday, November 10th
7 – 11PM Slow Motion Barn Dinner Wolfville Farmers’ Market

Friday, November 11th
2PM Clearing the Waters/In the Same Boat/The Last Weir Al Whittle Theatre- Main
4PM And This is My Garden Al Whittle Theatre- Main
7PM Matula/Kings of Pastry Al Whittle Theatre- Main
9PM Alimation/Cooking History Al Whittle Theatre- Main

Saturday, November 12th
10:00AM-1:00PM Farmers Market Amazing Food Race Wolfville Farmers Market
1PM Bacon Noir/Grow/Divine Pig Al Whittle Theatre- Main
1PM DIVE/Supermarkets and the Farmer Al Whittle Theatre- Studio Z
3PM Food About You/A Matter of Taste Al Whittle Theatre- Studio Z
3PM Getaway/Land Awakening Al Whittle Theatre- Main
6PM Blood into Wine Al Whittle Theatre- Main
6PM El Bulli: Cooking in Progress Al Whittle Theatre- Studio Z
8PM Harvest Gallery Wine Tasting
9:30PM Loss of Taste/El Camino del Vino Al Whittle Theatre- Main
12AM (SUN) Delicatessen Al Whittle Theatre- Main

Sunday, November 13th
1PM Planeat/Milk War Al Whittle Theatre- Main
1PM Voices of Transition Al Whittle Theatre- Studio Z
3PM Chocolat Al Whittle Theatre- Studio Z
3PM The Ailing Queen Al Whittle Theatre- Main
6:30PM Awards Presentation Al Whittle Theatre- Main
7PM Perfect Sense Al Whittle Theatre- Main
9:30PM Big Night Al Whittle Theatre- Main

Monday, November 14th Youth Day!
10:15AM-1:00PM Horton High Youth Contest Winners/Youth Corps Summer Project/Discussion
Horton High Healthy Meal
Horton High Screening of LUNCH LINE & Discussion

Download a printable (PDF) version of the schedule.

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