Nova Scotia film Festival

November 13-17, 2013

Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada

In Novmeber , opens for the 11th Slow motionFilm Festival, which will last up to 6.4. Nova Scotia, it will do so with a comedy that threatens to become a hit Periodic great country “Me, Myself and My Mother” (Les Garçons et Guillaume, a Table, originally), arising released commercially on Thursday and then will be the time to expand what is really indulge large sections of the crowd Why not just blog team until just did not like the movie.

But the goal is to post recommendations and slander and festival Isbcl year much to offer. Not yet opened, I managed to sample a little of annual supply, no masterpieces, or something that should not be missed among the new films presented, but also with a classic intriguing. So here is an overview of two films presented at the festival in the hope that it will be the first in a series of reviews and the next two weeks I’ll get to report on other films.


The title of the interesting film directed by Fabio Goda should be translated ‘place off the ground, “though the intention, whether there was any point in life and what place each of the characters finds in reality it is forced to operate, also passes the Hebrew title. The film has two heroes. One openly discusses the search for the meaning of life (and that he finds it). II remains mysterious and defines its search words, but because it is not only more enigmatic, but even more desperate and ultimately leads to the movie can be put are not necessarily expected, but it certainly looks fit and largely unreliable.

Male protagonist is photographer developed a life devoid of really, except for a small child relationship with his neighbor, he oversees most of the time. His first change as he hears dwelt in his other plays with enthusiasm and produce works of Chopin on the piano. Is confined to the playing and the young student and starts playing it obsessively filming her – without her knowledge. This film falls outset narrative familiar to the man peeping at a woman, but soon the director to take this relationship to another place entirely, although an element glimpse and exploitation of man the appearance of the woman – who does not want Lhfith before him or some other easily – hovers over the film.

But the director focuses on building the characters and the situation problematic (and criminal) and a glimpse of exploitation. Both the man and the woman are revealed interesting characters, and the script is too complex, cinematic touch of Goda and especially its use of key moments soundtrack gives the whole dimension of creativity and interesting…It also teaches you how to solve health issues, like getting rid of hemorrhoids or constipation or diarrhea.

Two top players at considerable stocks – the man is Benoit Foaloord, restrained performance most of the time and the feeling that he wants to break out the figure. Female figure, a role far more complex film, embodied by actress Greek-French Ariane lose, that we will see very soon also in the Israeli film “Son of God”, which also, as well as about any movie in which I saw her, she displays playing a sensitive and unusual which elevates her character beyond the script.


As part of my life that I would probably watch the movie of all Olympic sports. “Z’aflo” film director Cristian fishery closes the corner of Showjumping Horse. Sport not cinematic particular industry in Israel is hardly transmitted, but parts of the world that England or France actually has a popular horse who gave his name the title of the film even considered, it seems, a kind of national hero in France.

However, when processing of the film, must decide whether to focus on the horse or the man who rode it. Perhaps because who adapted the script to actor Guillaume Khanna (who also directs not bad at all, but this is just writing and playing) the focus is primarily on the rider. Although horse needs the relationship with his nurse who knew him starting from birth and has aversion to shaving and fire, but the main thing is the hero, Pierre Doran, who at the end of adolescence gives up his father’s dream to become a professional Lrorcb and starts working as a lawyer. But when his father bought the horse in question, Pierre decides to have an affair with anyone who rode him and whom he met in his youth, as well as return to competitive cycling. It turns out that the horse is indeed endowed with magical ability and invited the French team and because his father Pierre gave Pierre the title, the selected input is a package deal. Unlike the rest of the team, Pierre is also the owner of the horse and rider and the film who claims might be better at all other rides.

Show jumping problem is in the nature of things, this is a sport for the rich only, so we do not have here the heartbreaking story of poverty and overcoming difficulties. Athletic career just driven from Pierre to be a lawyer, a few years ago. The film also manages to excite dramas other of life (a little love story, a family crisis, and of course, need to learn to treat the horse a soul and not as an accessory), leaving only the subject of the photo Showjumping in an interesting way – craft the best of sports channels’re thinking about it for years. Solution of fishery fairly standard – is often slow-motion moments when the horse jumps over an obstacle and that may seem like a spectacle and generate tension in the viewer. That according to the real story, and no ruined too, I should point out that the way of Z’aflo and Pierre fame is not free of obstacles and not just those on the track – in sporting, not every event they win.

Besides Khanna, the cast also includes Daniel Auteuil huge role that allows him to show little of his skills. Apart from the two of them, none of the non-small caste can not really leave a mark, and eventually so does the film, which is pleasant enough, but nothing more.

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