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8 Problems Faced by Women Entrepreneurs in India – Explained!

Entrepreneurship is an important factor of increase within the economy. You may find out about what an entrepreneur is and the important thing traits and talents that a a hit entrepreneur possesses. Some examples of marketers can also be given. En

The Worlds Most Powerful Female Entrepreneurs

How are we supposed to grow into successful women entrepreneurs without great examples of leadership? Obviously, women are figuring it out and finding their own way.

17 Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs Share Their Secrets for women entrepreneurs examples

How are we supposed to grow into successful women entrepreneurs without great examples of leadership? Obviously, women are figuring it out and finding their own way.

Women Entrepreneurs, Example Not Exception

Some women entrepreneurs said they experienced a range of discrimination and sexism, from comments about their appearance, level of experience, knowledge, and attire to a lack of understanding about how womens business pitches are different from mens.

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The women entrepreneurs are suffering from inadequate financial resources and working capital. The women entrepreneurs lack access to external funds due to their inability to provide tangible security. Very few women have the tangible property in hand. . Women’s family obligations also bar them from becoming successful entrepreneurs in both developed and developing nations. “Having primary …

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Sectors, success and first-generation entrepreneurs. According to the report, women entrepreneurs are making most of their money in three sectors: retail; professional services such as consulting

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On paper, things have never looked better for female entrepreneurs. In fact, more than 11 million U.S. firms are now owned by women, employing nearly 9 million people and generating $1.7 trillion

The Worlds Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs Of 2015

8 Successful Social Entrepreneurship Examples For the longest time, most entrepreneurs chose to accumulate wealth in more private sectors. Building a company, hiring employees, manufacturing products and running a well oiled machine was the best approach to be a successful entrepreneur

8 Successful Social Entrepreneurship Examples

Generally speaking, women entrepreneurs have been in the minority in comparison to their male counterparts and are still the largest underrepresented group in entrepreneurship. For example, despite the fact that women make up half of the European population, less than one third of all businesses in Europe are female-led. However, it is now widely accepted that women as entrepreneurs make a …

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We came up with new list of 10 Promising Women Entrepreneurs In India 2015 Gone are the days when you would find women perched in the kitchen of the house. Nowadays you can see women not only competing shoulder to shoulder to men but even outdoing them in many fields. Whether it is business, Army or fashion

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These 16 women redefined power by building their own businesses against all odds. From tech giants to fashion designers to the Oprah Winfrey of China, these Power Women are the ultimate small

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