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The purpose of this directory is to disseminate information on a variety of institutions that support womens economic empowerment in the MENA region by: assisting working women and female entrepreneurs increasing female employment rates improving women’s access to …

The Women Entrepreneurs Network

In order to effectively support women entrepreneurs, Cornish asserts that we need to fully understand the answers to these questions and then address them with interventions that are women-specific. Read more about the importance of womens entrepreneurship and gendered interventions at the link below.

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You’ve got a Facebook Business Page that takes a lot of your time, but doesn’t get you new business or clients. You know social media is important for your business, but you’re overwhelmed and you don’t have a strategy that will actually get you customers or clients.

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The One Million Women Entrepreneurs initiative sets out a range of strategic areas and recommendation to increase women’s economic empowerment through trade. Policymakers, institutions, businesses and thought leaders from across the world are encouraged to sign up to the initiative to help leverage technology, foster conducive business environments, establish supportive …

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The week of May 20-26 has been proclaimed as Women Entrepreneurs Week in Saskatchewan. The week recognizes the success of women entrepreneurs across the province and celebrates their contributions to our communities and the economy.

Come be a part of YourStorys directory of women

WESK empowers entrepreneurs like you with the resources and connections you need to scale up your success.

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Indigenous Entrepreneur Loan. Get the capital you need to start a business or scale up. You can access financing for up to $250,000 for existing businesses and up to $150,000 for start-ups, whether your operations are on or off reserve.

Womens Enterprise Centre of Manitoba

The Women’s Enterprise Centre of Manitoba is a resource for women looking to start or expand their businesses. We work on an individual basis with women throughout the province to answer their questions and help them determine the steps to make their businesses successful.

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women entrepreneurs directory
The Women Entrepreneurs Network’s mission is to encourage, educate and empower women to scale up their business. Launching in December 2015 with the support of The Women’s Foundation, we offer various events and activities that encourage women entrepreneurs to network, learn and grow.

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