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Freebie points are worth a great deal, especially when even a single point could more profitably be invested in a load of other areas. Backgrounds, of course, are always good, and go for 1 point a dot. Buying even a single extra dot in Resources, Contacts, Arcane, Avatar, Node, Allies, Wonder, Cult, and even Retainers and Demesne can make the difference. Its especially helpful in the long

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Numina: 7 per dot: Path (Sorcerer) 7 per dot: Rites (Sorcerer) 3 per rite: Fae Gifts (Enchanted) Variable (See Enchanted pg. 74-77)

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starting freebie points for mage the ascension Mages get 25 freebie points, Werewolves get 70 freebie points and Vampires get 90 freebie points. The reason why the 3 races dont get the same amount of freebie points is that their general power level is different, so a Mage with 25 freebie points is roughly equal to a werewolf with 70 freebie points, and so on.

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Starting Vampire characters who follow the Path of Humanity, and receive 7 points to spend on Virtues (Conscience, Self-Control, and Courage). For Vampire characters, virtues begin at 1 point. Sabbat characters who follow the Path of Humanity receive 5 points to spend on virtues, and virtues begin at …


Coincidentally, you can have seven dots to start if you bought the seventh dot with freebie points, youve got just enough for 3 points of Arete and a 7th dot in Spheres. Thats where the old expression "in Mage, you dont get 15 freebie points, you get 3 dots of …

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Quintessence (for magic only) point to give one free success All new characters get: 1 free of all plus 7/5/3 Attributes, 13/9/5 Abilities, Specialty plus 5 Spheres, 1 Arete,

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For each point in a Flaw taken, gain a single Freebie Point. So, if you take a two-point Flaw, you gain 2 Freebie Points. So, if you take a two-point Flaw, you gain 2 Freebie Points. You may not gain more than 7 total Freebie Points (for a maximum total of 32 Freebie Points), though feel free to take as many Flaws as you wish.

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starting freebie points for mage the ascension After you make your first pass through, go back and spend your 15 (+ Overages) Freebie Points. Make sure you have chosen your Merits & Flaws, & Secondary Abilities, and added any notes to Miscellaneous, prior to switching to Freebies stage.

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starting freebie points for mage the ascension Freebie Points: Characters get 15 freebie points to flesh out the character, with at least a paragraph of history a character receives an additional 10 freebie points. Additional freebie points may be awarded by the ST for exceptional history or development.

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