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To play, students shake and spill a cup of ten two-color counters onto the table. They place them in the ten frame and fill in the recording sheet using bingo markers (or crayons). They place them in the ten frame and fill in the recording sheet using bingo markers (or crayons).

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An important part of being a flexible mathematician is knowing that one size does not fit all. In other words, mathematicians use different strategies depending on the situation.

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shake and spill freebie
One of my favorite activities for composing and decomposing numbers is Shake and Spill. There is a winter mittens freebie version on my TpT store, and several other freebies sprinkled throughout the posts on my blog. Many times I include […]

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shake and spill freebie
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My students love this game! They put counters in a cup and then dump them out. They count how many land on red and how many land on white then fill in a number bond.

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shake and spill freebie
Theres no need to wear a disguise or fake moustache. Restaurants such as Giraffe, Leon and Wagamama use mystery-shopping companies to keep staff on their toes, and ensure food, service and premises are up to scratch.

Shake and Spill Recording Sheets For Numbers 5 - 10 | A
shake and spill freebie
Must admit the advert for Bonds while the women are lissom young things in their undies what Bonds did to their staff some years ago and the furore that went with it I …

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