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Instant is a card type. After they resolve, they are put into the owners graveyard. They are like a sorcery except that they are the only cards that can be used outside your main phases, even on your opponents turns. They can be used during the combat phases, draw steps, end steps, upkeeps, or

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An Instant Win Condition Deck is any Deck whose goal is to win not by normal victory conditions (i.e. causing the opponent to lose all of their Life Points or Deck milling), but by using the effect of a specific card that allows one to instantly win the Duel.

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Ebony Charm Instant Choose one - Target opponent loses 1 life and you gain 1 life; or remove from the game up to three target cards in a single graveyard; or target creature gains fear until end of turn.

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The newest MtG expansion Guilds of Ravnica offers some amazing new cards and some very good reprinted cards, especially the shocklands that are still very valuable (e.g. Steam Vents). But this list of Magic: The Gathering cards focuses mainly on new non-land cards that will have an impact on all

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Chromatic Sphere allows for faster than instant speed draw. Mana abilities (and all their effects) happen immediately. Wizards ruling: This is a mana ability, which means it can be activated as part of the

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Of all the combos in Magic, one is the fiercest above all others: the instant win. Two cards, either innocuous or powerful on their own, combine into victory for the controller. These are the flashiest of combos and highlight the divide between players who play to win and those who play to win.

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Alternate-win cards provide additional means for winning the game. A related set of alternate-loss cards describe conditions under which their controller loses the game. [2] Alternate-win or -loss cards are called “ alt cons ” by R&D .

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