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A cow and bull mate to start the life cycle again. When a calf is born if it is a girl it is called a heifer and a boy is called a bull. Old Age The life span of a cow is about 12 years but it can sometimes be longer.

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Welcome to the first week of the course which explores a particular animal production sector. The focus for this module will be dairy. The life cycle of a dairy cow as well as the environmental impact of dairy production will be covered.

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A printable chicken life cycle game that can be used for a farm theme in preschool, pre-k, or kindergarten.

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Life cycle free: Life cycle free This is a bright and colorful freebie for you. It is one of the card sets from my very first Science resource entitled, Life Cycles You can stick these on cardstock and laminate for durability.

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It’s Owl Right! Owl fun and Freebie! Pin 3. Share. Tweet +1. 3 Shares. Learning about owls is always so much fun! This was the perfect opportunity to learn about the “ow” sound. This is the chart of words we thought of. Notice that there is also a place to record ou words. Our cutie patootie Owl glyphs. We made a graph to show our data for each question. A close up of our owl glyphs

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This week’s 5th Anniversary Freebie Friday features the Life Cycle of a Honey Bee. I’m experimenting with the fun and glittery illustrations made by Glitter Meets Glue Designs . The blacklines are realistic, and the colored illustrations are glittery.

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There’s something about cows that just makes some people want to hug them. Maybe it’s because they are so calm and non-threatening or maybe they just love a good glass of milk. Well, now there’s a good reason to hug your nearest cow because on July 15th, (believe it or not!) it’s Cow Appreciation Day!

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Frog life-cycle 2 – Emergence of the Tadpoles Frog life-cycle 4 – Froggie Freedom Hop on over to our Spring ideas page or our nature activities for kids page for more fun and inspiration.

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This is a collection of 4 sets of spring animal life cycle graphics. The sets in this collection are: Cow, Goose, Mouse, Sheep life cycles. The images in each set are: COW LIFE CYCLE (Based on Freesian cow breed) bull, cow, calf, newborn calf, pregnant cow, word art signs, arrow. 19 images (10 in color […]

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Engage your students while teaching them about the water cycle during your weather unit with this fun foldable circle book! Students can complete optional circles about evaporation, precipitation, condensation, clouds, and much more with this science activity! $

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A few hours after a cow is born, cows are usually removed from their mother, but they stay in their group until they reach the age of five. After the newborn calf is removed from its mother, it is fed milk replacer or actual milk until they are around 6 to 8 weeks old and begin to wean.

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A cow must first calve, that is give birth, before she produces milk. A heifer is bred at about 15 months in age, usually through artificial insemination. About nine months later, she has a calf weighing 40 to 50 kg.

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The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle, Life Cycle of a Butterfly, Life Cycle of a Caterpillar, Science Flip Chart. Recognize that all plants and animals grow and change over time. Recognize that all plants and animals grow and change over time.

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This little insect worksheet and butterfly life cycle will give students the opportunity to learn about how insects protect themselves and about the life cycle of a butterfly. After completing the activities, they can take them home and share what they learned with their parents.

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