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Eebbie Jebbies no more! Enjoy the Outdoors! No matter where you live you have outdoor pests to deal with. Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy the cool summer evenings without the smack, slap, got em ritual?

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See link below from the great and then faithful Jebbies of the 19th century Civilita Cattolica series that details what The Jews had done to cause such a harsh backlash; that is, they were not the cooing katnip-addled innocent kittens they like to pretend they are

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Wish we all had a buzzer in our bodies that was hard-wired to our brain, so that every time we had an ache, pain, fever, cough,ect. the darn buzzer would go off that tells our brains" No, Dummy, its NOT cancer you just stumped your little toe on the bed post!

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I feel like we’re always on the search for products to help us achieve healthier looking skin. I’ve tried a lot of products, half of them I don’t even talk about because they get tossed or given to a friend because they just don’t do what they say they’re gonna do or they don’t work for

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Unofficial GA line starting on 66th Avenue parkway! People have been here since last night so let’s try to honor it to the best of our ability, this is the line Oracle is closest to honoring.

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You’ve probably guessed I was McLuhanized by the Jebbies in Detroit. Indeed in 1949, with a Ph.B in philosophy, I won the annual Mid-American Jesuit Universities essay contest with my first published rant, “Needed:More “Red-Booded”American Catholics”, by which I mean agreed with the local Communist moves to free American blacks.

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Heebie-jeebies or heebie jeebies may refer to: Heebie-jeebies (idiom), used to describe a feeling of anxiety, apprehension, depression or illness. "Heebie Jeebies" (composition), a 1926 single by Louis Armstrong and his Hot Five; Heebie Jeebies, a 2005 film;

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