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The Stunt Man is a 1980 American film directed by Richard Rush, starring Peter OToole, Steve Railsback, and Barbara Hershey. The film was adapted by Lawrenc

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In that movie, the amiable stunt coordinator character Chuck Barton was played by actor-director-stuntman Charles Bail…who just so happened to be the actual stunt coordinator on Freebie and the Bean! It’s crazy how these things come full circle!

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Freebie and the Bean is a 1974 American action-comedy film about two off-beat police detectives who wreak havoc in San Francisco attempting to bring down a local organized crime boss.

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Freebie and the Bean Liquor Truck Driver (1974) Summerlust Marvin (1973) The Last Movie Stuntman (1971)

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Mike Bast Net Worth is $950,000 Mini Biography. Mike Bast is well known for his focus on The Gumball Rally (1976), Fast Charlie… the Moonbeam Rider (1979) and Freebie as well as the Bean (1974).

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Quirky cop comedy with a lot of zigzagging, nevertheless very entertaining. This film shows an approach that would be used later to shoot @The Stuntman@

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Freebie and the Bean is one of the funniest, most jaw-droppingly action-packed films ever made. I’m not a comedy person at all, but I LOVE this film. I laugh out loud watching it, and that never happens. But in the Sinister Saga of the making of The Stuntman, you refer to it as kind of a job for hire that you did for the money. Do you really think of it that way? Because your style is all

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Freebie (James Caan) and the Bean (Alan Arkin) are a pair of San Francisco cops. Red Meyers (Jack Kruschen) is the mobster whom Freebie and the Bean would like to see behind bars -- or, failing

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The 1970s followed with one other film, buddy cop comedy Freebie and the Bean, until in 1980 The Stunt Man, which many consider his best work, was released. After that he had just one more credit, for unintentional laugh fest thriller The Color of Night .

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Freebie and The Bean Though stories abound of him being one of the stunt drivers during the incredible car chase in Bullitt , it appears not to be the case – though he may have done some other stunt-driving in …

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